Posted on: April 13, 2010 2:09 pm

is it time to shake things up already?

Speaking to changing things up?  I don't want to panic but my offense is stacked with Pujols, Arod (Keeper), Mauer (keeper), Grandy(Keeper), SIzemore, Wells, Beckham, Bartlett, Mags, i said my offense is is my problem...

pitchers are:

Peavy (terrible so far)
Vasquez (terrible so far)
Floyd (so-so to this point but probably looked the best of all my starters last week)
Burnett (so-so...never know what your gonna get from this guy ace or dud?)
Liriano (so-so to this point but alot of hype)

Is the pitching good enough...starting to get nervous...lost last week and my pitching(Peavy) is off to a horrid star this week and has me trailing again!  Just missed on Dela Rosa because i dont want to make a knee jerk decision on my current staff....advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

throw some names out there.
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Posted on: April 12, 2010 3:00 pm

Jorge De La Rosa

Everybody in my league seems to be scared of Jorge.  I don't see why.  If you look at his progression over the last few years he has imroved every single year in every relevant catagory.  He set a record in Colorado this spring.  Some of you may say the spring doesn't matter, but for pitching it does.  He had a great spring and a great first start, and i will be watching this guy close. 

Other guys to note C. J. Wilson(starting pitcher you can put in a reliever spot...nice if your closers are weak), Zach Duke(had a great first half last year and looks to do it again...snag him and then look to trade him in about three weeks or so before he comes crashing back down to earth), and....well i can't give them all out at the same time.

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